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Work page!

Call to View Inc.

The purpose of Call to View is to simplify the task of showing realty for Albertan realtors.

They needed a comprehensive, custom-built website for scheduling showings of properties with a database of hundreds of realtors. This entailed intricate submission forms for listings, showings, feedback, and more.

Their website serves as a business tool for clients and staff—more than a public, promotional medium. The front end is a simple layout with basic business and contact information, but the back end is a collection of tools and tables to help meet their objectives. Tasks involved in scheduling booking appointments can involve listening to voicemails, sending SMS messages, creating and editing realtor accounts, sending invoices, and checking the status of other online staff members.

Verge Permaculture

We are excited about the work that Verge is doing here in Alberta, not to mention the impact that they are making across the globe.

They needed a place to promote their brand and their educational materials. So we set them up with a Wordpress package complete with event registration for their permaculture courses.

They also hosted Joel Salatin for a large-scale seminar and live-video production. For that, we worked with some of Alberta's best video crew to record and stream the three-day workshop.